Diabetes Cover

Our Diabetes Care programme, together with your Premier Plus GP, will help you actively manage your diabetes. A Premier Plus GP is a network GP that has contracted with us on quality-based metrics.

The Diabetes Care programme is based on clinical and lifestyle guidelines. The programme gives you and your Premier Plus GP access to various tools to monitor and manage your condition and to ensure you have access to high-quality coordinated care.

You and your GP can track progress on a personalised dashboard displaying your unique Diabetes Management Score. This will help to identify the steps you should take to manage your condition and stay healthy over time.

The programme also unlocks cover for valuable healthcare services from healthcare providers like dietitians and biokineticists. Any scheme member registered on the Chronic Illness Benefit for diabetes can join the Diabetes Care programme.

Registering for the Diabetes Care programme

Speak to your Premier Plus GP to enroll you on the programme.


Patient management dashboard

If you are on the Diabetes Care programme, you can view and track your progress on your personalised dashboard.

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