HIV/AIDS management programme

It has been demonstrated that by proactively managing HIV or AIDS, those who have been diagnosed as HIV positive, can live a healthy and fulfilling life. When you register for our HIV Programme you are covered for the care that you need. You can be assured of confidentiality at all times.

Benefits of our HIV Programme

  1. Access to skilled and professional consultants who will ensure your receive clinically sound and cost-effective treatment.
  2. No overall limits for hospitalisation.
  3. A specific number of consultation and HIV-specific blood tests.
  4. Register on the programme by completing the application form HIV Programme application.
  5. Cover for antiretroviral medicine from our HIV ARV medicine list (formulary).
  6. Cover for supportive medicine from our HIV supportive medicine list (formulary).
  7. Additional cover if your doctor appeals for this cover. HIV PMB appeal.
  8. Cover for infant formula and medicine to prevent transmission of HIV from mother to child, from our HIV nutritional and mother-to-child prevention medicine list (formulary).
  9. Cover for medicine from our HIV Basket of Care medicine list (formulary).

You need to register on the HIV Programme 

Call: 0800 001 615


Fax: 011 539 3151

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