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This site offers you convenient access to important information with regards to your member benefits, all the applicable forms that you may need to complete and return to the Fund's Administrator (Discovery Health), previous and current newsletters, as well as the contact details of the Fund. The navigation above may be used to find your way around the site.

We look forward to finding new and improved methods of providing you with friendly and efficient online services.

Rules of the Fund

The Engen Medical Benefit Fund (EMBF) rules as approved by the Council for Medical Schemes, stipulate the governance of the Fund.

The Registered Rules are listed in PDF below:

Member Trustees

The Fund has a number of Trustees who are elected by the members to serve on the Board of Trustees and ensure that members' best interests are taken into account when decisions are made.

Below is a list of your member Trustees with their contact details:

Sharief Abrahams 021 403 4111
Glenda King 031 460 3106
Tekane Nthabane 011 480 6053
Andrew Gray 021 712 2753
Anne Bennetts 021 709 0917

Annual General Meeting

AGMs are held every year to discuss finances and strategy. All members are invited to attend to gain insight into the management of the Fund.

Please click on the links below to view, download and print the Fund's summarised financial statements.

AGM notice and minutes 2019

Annual Financial Statement 31 Dec 2018

AGM 2017

 AGM 2016

 AGM 2015

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