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This site offers you convenient access to important information with regards to your membership of the Fund. You will get to know the benefits offered by the Fund and how to access them through your use of the information on this website.  We tell you how to apply for certain authorisations to get the best from these benefits and we explain the rules and processes you have to follow.  You can read all the documents we normally send to you on the website:  past copies of the newsletters, the annual financial statements and your benefit brochures.  We also keep you informed of the latest news and happenings. The navigation above may be used to find your way around the site.

We look forward to finding new and improved methods of providing you with friendly and efficient online services.

Rules of the Fund

Engen Medical Benefit Fund (EMBF) is governed by the Medical Schemes Act of 1998 and its Regulations and by the Fund Rules, registered by the Council for Medical Schemes.

The Registered Rules are listed in PDF below:

Member Trustees

Engen Medical Benefit Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of 10 persons.  Half of the Trustees are appointed by the participating employer, Engen, and the remaining five Trustees are elected by the members of the Fund.  The Trustees act on behalf of all the members and must ensure fairness and the sustainability of the Fund. The Fund has a number of Trustees who are elected by the members to serve on the Board of Trustees and ensure that members' best interests are taken into account when decisions are made.

Below is a list of the Trustees:

Shirley Moroka-Mosia (Chairperson)
Sharief Abrahams
Ann Bennetts
Owen Villo
Andrew Gray
Glenda King
Dorcas Mokotjo
Nompumelelo Ngema
Nomsa Rabochene
Lesley Shaw

Asanda Nkomo (alternate trustee)
Bea Ndlovu (alternate trustee)

Reagan Marchant :  Principal Officer

Annual General Meeting

AGMs are held every year to give members the opportunity to review and discuss the Fund's financial performance with the Trustees. Members are also able to gain insight into the management of the Fund.

Please click on the links below to view, download and print the Fund's summarised financial statements. Copies of the full sets of Annual Financial Statements for 2019, and previous years, are also available and listed below.

AGM Notice 2021

Annual Financial Statements 2020

Annual General Meeting Minutes 2019

Annual Financial Statements 2019

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