Cancer treatment

If you’re diagnosed with cancer and once we have approved your cancer treatment, you are covered by the Oncology Programme. We do not limit your cancer treatment costs. We cover the first part of your approved cancer treatment over a 12-month period.

We cover the first R200 000 from your available funds from the Oncology benefit up to 100% of the Fund rate. If your treatment costs more than the cover amount, you will need to pay 20% of the additional costs. Cancer treatment that is a Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB), is always covered in full if you use service providers who we have an agreement with. All cancer-related health care services are covered up to 100% of the Fund rate. You might have a co-payment if your healthcare professional charges above this rate.

Benefits of our Oncology Programme

  1. Full cover for approved cancer-related treatment in and out of hospital.
  2. Cover for pathology, radiology, medicine and other cancer-related treatment provided by other healthcare professionals.
  3. Access to donor searches for bone marrow transplants.
  4. Any cancer-related treatment that falls within the Prescribed Minimum Benefits is always covered in full, with no co-payment if you use healthcare professionals who we have an agreement with.

You need to register on the Oncology Programme

If you are diagnosed with cancer, you need to register on the Oncology Programme.

Call: 0800 001 615


Fax: 011 539 5417

Important information you should know

 Oncology Programme

 Oncology PMB application form

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