How to claim

What to remember

  • Claims must be submitted within four months. Older claims will be considered expired and will not be paid
  • Make sure that your membership number, the healthcare professional’s details including the practice number are clear on the claim
  • Send a detailed claim and not just a receipt as we need the details of what you are claiming for in order to process your claim quickly and correctly.

Remember: That if your medical professional sends the claim to us electronically, you don’t need to send a copy in.

How to submit a claim

Smartphone App

Take a photo of the claim – Use the camera on your phone to take a picture of your claim. Scan the QR code on claim – Use your phone to scan the code on your claim provided by your healthcare professional.


Scan and email your claims to


Send your claims to Engen Medical Benefit Fund Claims, PO Box 652509, Benmore, 2010

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